How to easily get rid of blackheads

 How to easily get rid of blackheadsHealth Tips And Tricks - Share Article More About how "How to easily get rid of blackheads" May be beneficial for all of us.  How to cope when blackheads already adorn our faces . Then there is no way other than doing facials . Eliminate ya have to push so it can be removed . But do not carelessly push if not resilient . In step facial , this extraction process is usually done by the interpreter salon ( kapster ) after passing through some preparatory steps .

The correct way to remove blackheads is :
  1. Wash your face with normal water . 
  2. Clean face with cleansing milk mixed with scrub . Using a scrub removal will increase the effectiveness of the blockage the pores and blackheads .
  3. Clean the rest of the cleansing milk and remaining dirt with soap .
  4. In order to be flexible , provide steam heat to the face . Do evaporation for 10-15 minutes .
  5. If you have any heavyweight blackheads , then the next step is applying exfoliator ( retinol , arbutin , etc. ) . 
  6. Extraction step . This is a tense moment .. hehe . When you are quite flexible , it will be easy when push the contents out . But when it was still hard , then you need a few days later to do the extraction process again . Do not be forced , yes . If forced out but not ready , then the result is not blackheads out , but face so red - red due to inflammation wide .
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